Punk-ska band Citizen Fish, from the South West of England, was formed around 1990. Almost from the beginning, bass-guitarist Jasper Pattison has used his camcorder to record the band's activities both on and off stage.


Dick - vocals
Dick, Phil, Jasper and Trotsky spend large chunks of their lives playing their one-off brand of music not only all over the UK, but also in Europe, the USA and Australia where they are equally popular.

During the early part of the 1990s Jasper sought the editing services of Third Eye Films to put together a video of various bands he had shot during some of Citizen Fish's tours, together with various other bits and pieces. Pete and Jasper had a great time making the video 'Oriental Transistor' (still available!).

Pete was delighted when, late in 1999, Jasper arrived with a huge bag of video tapes to begin editing what would become 'Gaffer Tape'. By this time, Third Eye Films' editing equipment had become computerised, allowing much greater speed and flexibility. Several months later, and after just as much enjoyment, the video was completed.

Gaffer Tape is a sort of Citizen Fish video diary. Using footage from throughout the band's history, it includes Poland in 1994, Australia and New Zealand in 1997, America, from New York to San Francisco, in September 1999 and Winchester to France in 1999 - 2000. It's 47 minutes of what it's like to be on (and off) tour - with interviews, scenery, gigs, people, music and various 'things that happened'.

"So why would you want a home movie from a local punk-ska band? Lots of reasons, smartarse. Balancing endearing (deliberate? art?) wonky camerawork with some great ideas and editing, GT takes CitFish through ten years. . . . The most and the last reason why you need to see this is that the film, the guys and the band, are all a good gallon more real than anything that usually comes up on that screen in the corner of the room. GafferTape up your TeeVee!"

From review by HeironymusS in Venue (Bristol/Bath "What's On?" magazine)

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Watch Gaffer Tape trailer

Runs 2 min 5 sec - Broadband required

Phil - guitar

Jasper - bass

Trotsky - drums



Gaffer Tape will be included on the Underwater Overground DVD, available from PM Press from early 2009.